An easier way to manage Open Government Portals

Microsoft partnered with OSS & Open Gov communities to develop a Drupal 7 based content mangement framework specifically for Open Government portals.

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Weʼre looking for feedback, BETA testers, interested customers & partners who would like to get ramped up with leveraging DataPublic & Open Data Installer in their organization or business.

What is Open Gov & Open Data

Open Gov is a doctrine and a movement to drive government transparecy and citizen-government engagement, enabled by technology and creating transparency & opportunity for developers/communities to build value on top of government data.

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What is DataPublic

DataPublic is a fully-featured portal based on Drupal 7 CMS, which can help government agencies engage constituents more effectively. It comes bundled with over a dozen of custom features and modules that are unique to an Open Gov initiative.

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DataPublic & the Open Data Installer

With 12+ unique features & 3 custom modules including an Open Data catalogue, interactive maps, document, video & photo libraries, event calendars --- this distro is now available for government agencies in the Azure cloud via an open source Open Data Installer we helped create.

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