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iconJian Ruan LLCContractor.Full repairs.Jianxiong Ruan248-688-1266 Sterling Hts, MI 48310 1.Repair Electric/Plumbing/Heating/Cooling/AC 水电维修
2 Repair Water/Sewer/Drain/Hydro Jetting
3 Install Floor/Tiles 安装 地板瓷砖
4 Install Screen Door/Window 安装 纱门纱窗
5 Install/Replace Range hood 安装更换 抽油烟机
6 Install/Replace Furnace/Fan/Hose 安装更换 热水炉/排气扇/水喉
7 Install/Replace Washer/Dryer/Toilet 安装更换 洗衣机/干衣机/马桶
39546 Farnum CT .
WeChat: jian-9178.
Quickpay account:
Speak Chinese, call 248-688-1266,
call 248-766-8493 for English

iconTodd cut treeContractor.Tree service.Todd248-818-2768 Detroit MI good price to cut tree, $500 per tree

iconRoberto O. Stump Grinding LLCContractor.Tree service.Roberto313-779-6185 Detroit MI Remove tree root with $100

iconDerek DermyerContractor.Tree service.Derek Dermyer586-808-1553 MI Tree Serice. 500/tree

iconRob TreeContractor.Tree service.Rob Tree313-204-5050 MI Tree Service, Recommended by WG

iconGeorge FineranContractor.Tree service.George Fineran734-812-4758 MI Tree Service, Recommended by TC

iconAll United Tree ServiceContractor.Tree service.All United Tree Service248-667-1791 MI Tree Service, Recommended by SF

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