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iconJian Ruan LLCContractor.Full repairs.Jianxiong Ruan248-688-1266 Sterling Hts, MI 48310 1.Repair Electric/Plumbing/Heating/Cooling/AC 水电维修
2 Repair Water/Sewer/Drain/Hydro Jetting
3 Install Floor/Tiles 安装 地板瓷砖
4 Install Screen Door/Window 安装 纱门纱窗
5 Install/Replace Range hood 安装更换 抽油烟机
6 Install/Replace Furnace/Fan/Hose 安装更换 热水炉/排气扇/水喉
7 Install/Replace Washer/Dryer/Toilet 安装更换 洗衣机/干衣机/马桶
39546 Farnum CT .
WeChat: jian-9178.
Quickpay account:
Speak Chinese, call 248-688-1266,
call 248-766-8493 for English

iconAppliances OnlineContractor.Appliances.Jeff2487668493 Troy MI 48098 Used gas range stove and gas oven, dishwasher High quality of used gas range stove and gas oven, dishwasher

iconCG Cabinet WholesaleContractor.Appliances.Frank Zhu248-583-9666 30776 John R  Road,Madison Heights,MI  48071 Kitchen & bathroom cabinets and countertops

iconJing XuContractor.Appliances.Jing Xu6149050132 MI At least 20% off for brand new appliance. Nation wide delivery.

iconPacific range hood fansContractor.Appliances.Mr2489904921 Madison Heights, MI Provide fans, range hood Best fan

iconLightmate LightingContractor.Appliances.Lisa248-910-3113 Novi & Ann Arbor,MI,Wechat: LED 灯饰批发, 主要是筒灯, 面板灯, 也有装饰灯。在Saline有仓库, 在纽约有门店

iconWens kitchen supply CoContractor.Appliances.Mr248-589-2483 31658 John R Road, Madison Heights MI 48071 Best Range hoods Sale Range Hoods of Pacific brand

iconRange hood, range hood734-637-5729 ann arbor, MI awesome 樱花牌抽油烟机 Fans rang hook Sakura

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