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iconJian Ruan LLCContractor.Full repairs.Jianxiong Ruan248-688-1266 Sterling Hts, MI 48310 1.Repair Electric/Plumbing/Heating/Cooling/AC 水电维修
2 Repair Water/Sewer/Drain/Hydro Jetting
3 Install Floor/Tiles 安装 地板瓷砖
4 Install Screen Door/Window 安装 纱门纱窗
5 Install/Replace Range hood 安装更换 抽油烟机
6 Install/Replace Furnace/Fan/Hose 安装更换 热水炉/排气扇/水喉
7 Install/Replace Washer/Dryer/Toilet 安装更换 洗衣机/干衣机/马桶
39546 Farnum CT .
WeChat: jian-9178.
Quickpay account:
Speak Chinese, call 248-688-1266,
call 248-766-8493 for English

iconPlumbing by the Gas GuysContractor.Plumbing.Plumbing248-867-2866 Michigan Plumbing Add gas pipe for dryer or else recommended by He

iconHometown PlumbingContractor.Plumbing.John586-770-8256 MI Recommended by one in Troy 248-805-3067 Good service

iconProgressive plumbing supplyContractor.Plumbing.Mike586-756-8662 31239 Mound Road, Warren MI For commercial, go to Satterlund Supply Company Very Good supply for plumbing parts servicing residential customers

iconPaul TyllContractor.Plumbing.Paul586-571-6331 Warren mi Unclog drain, main sewer pipe Unclog sewer pipes with Camera

iconUNIVERSAL PLUMBING AND SEWER, INC.Contractor.Plumbing.UNIVERSAL PLUMBING AND SEWER, INC.586-416-4000 35640 GRATIOT AVENUE, CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI, 48035 repair plumbing with snake

iconPlumber restorationContractor.Plumbing.Plumber restoration248-755-4444 795 Industrial Ct, Suite 300 Bloomfield Twp, MI 48302 good job, but closed in Oct. 2020

iconMr. RooterContractor.Plumbing.Mr. Rooter313-528-1918 MI too high price and big company

iconEmpire Plumbing Sewer & DrainContractor.Plumbing.Empire Plumbing248-670-2318 4585 Torrington Dr, Warren, MI 48092 hydro jetting good service, hydro jetting

iconMike PlumberContractor.Plumbing.Mike Pence586-907-3024 Ann Arbor MI licensed plumber Recommended by Selena

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